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Well, another school year has past. I am now a senior and it is totally, outrageously weird? I still see myself as a sophomore and it's just weird how I will finally be able to answer the question "what year are you in in high school" with "oh I'm a senior". I only have 1 more year until I have to be thrown into the real world and it's terrifying. I will terribly miss my senior friends who are graduating. I have grown fond of them, very sweet people, especially one of my best friends. It's weird how you become friends with people, but after high school, you are most likely never going to talk to them again. Why does that happen? You literally talked to them everyday and hung out with them, but after you weren't "stuck with them" anymore, you just sort of float away from each other. Insane.
It's kind of crazy how this picture was taken in the first month of the school year and I feel as if it was last month? We were strong in the beginning of this year, happy to see our best friend (middle) back at our school and ready to see the One Direction movie and still strong today, watching her (middle) walk down the field, getting ready to graduate. I am so glad to have these stupid people with me all year, even when we annoyed each other constantly. Junior year was great and all, but I am so ready for senior year. I know it's going to be a busy one because of 5 AP classes and extracurricular activities I will be participating in. Hopefully I don't go too crazy, but knowing me...I WILL. Although that may happen, I know I have people around me that will be feeling the same way so we can always just cry with each other.
On the bottom is the most recent picture of us. We went to the beach to haaaang and really celebrate the end of the year. It has been so real 2013-1014 school year, but I am so done with you.
 Here are some things that I have done/decided while I didn't blog:
I FINISHED GOING TO MY VOLUNTEER JOB. It was so so so sad. I didn't think I would want to cry, but the kids I hung out with for hours made a special dent in my heart and it was very upsetting to say goodbye to them. Many even were upset that we were leaving and that made it even worse. One of my kids, who never hung out with, kept following me on my last day, pleading to take him with me inside my backpack and it broke my heart. They may not remember us or even care for us later on, but they taught me a lot and I was very appreciative of the opportunity I was able to have with them. I grew patience and cherished these children. Will forever remember the experience.
I also got this really cute sticker from the pulp girls who sell super cute things. Since I am now a senior, I am literally queen of the school (maybe not, but I think I am) and am so excited. I've learned to appreciate the people around and kind of open up to more people. In my AP U.S. History class, we wrote a letter to ourselves in the beginning of the year and my teacher locked it inside a closet. He gave them back to us today (last day of school) and the main thing I wrote about was "being happy". I just wrote throughout the letter that I hope I am happy and it kind of broke my heart that I was THAT unhappy in the beginning of the year. It made me realize that I am truly happy and will stay this way because I have conquered my issues and I am very proud of myself for that. I completely forgot I wrote that in my letter so it hit me pretty hard. Not only did that emotional moment occur today, but also that same teacher gave a little speech, wishing the best for us and it made me realize that some teachers do actually care. He began to choke up and cried and it just broke my heart. Through every teacher I have, I always feel as if they don't really care for their students because they have had so many students, each one can't make a dent in their life, but he changed my view of that. Very appreciative to have had to him as a teacher.
Now this was a pretty bold decision I made a couple weeks ago. I am no longer shaving my thighs! i realized that I absolutely hate shaving them so why am I going to even do it? It was my happiness being at stake and I did something about it. The reason why it was a bold move is because in society, girls having hairy legs is seen as gross and weird and I'm tired of that so, to make people more comfortable about it and to make shaving less of a hassle, I decided to stop doing it. I do still shave my lower leg, but only because I like the softness it leaves and the way it looks, ahahhahahaha. I'm trying to emphasize that who cares what people think and only do what pleases you.
Now. One of my best friends has graduated. She will no longer be seen in high school and it's nuts. She's gone through a lot during her high school years and I'm SO proud that she finished strong. We have only been friends 3 years but it seems like forever. When I started high school, I truly did not believe I would find best friends. All of my middle school friends went to another high school and I was left alone with people who I was so awkward around to hang out with. I have now come to realize that, that isn't a problem anymore. I hang out with friends who I truly have a great time with and make me laugh everyday and I have found best friends who I can tell anything to. I may have 2 different groups, but I truly am appreciative of them and care a lot for everyone who has been kind to me. Only 1 more year I have left in high school and I am hoping the friends I have now, will keep in touch forever. Have a nice weekend and IT'S SUMMMMEEEEEERRRR so let's hope I blog more =^^=
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