Sooooooo.....my decision has been made. I will be moving out to San Francisco this year (unless that small possibility of getting off the Santa Cruz wait list happens, but like I said, small possibility). Either way, I will be moving out. I think I have known this for a while now, but it was only last week that I have confirmed and said it to myself that I am ready to move out. My mom doesn't think so, but I think it's because she doesn't want me to move out, but mom, you can't make me stay!! Hahahahaha. It's terrifying, it's all going too fast, but that's life. I'm not that scared RIGHT NOW, but I know I will be so nervous once it actually happens. The good thing is I will have my best friend by my side and that just makes it way better. She's my tru tru truuu friend and I am so glad I will be going to the same college as her.
(here's a little picture of my soon to be city)
My dad left to visit his family in El Salvador for two weeks!!!! That means I get to take my car to school EVERY DAY for TWO WEEKS!!!!!! I am soooo excited. I usually can only take it 3 times because of some problem, but I can finally enjoy it for five days. I love driving these days because I am always making new CDs and I just made three so I have just been rocking out in the car (I think i'm going to make a post about my CDs so watch out for that)
Here's a little outfit of the day: shirt - H&M // jacket - thrifted // pants - thrifted // shoes - adidas // backpack- online //

Recently the idea of "self-loving" has been in my mind again. I've talked about this so much on my blog, but I feel like it's a topic that isn't repeated enough times. "Always love yourself, always care for yourself, always look out for yourself, always think about yourself, always put yourself first, always." Those are just a few reminders that I think are very important. Just remember that you need to make decisions that are best for YOU, not for anyone else. Don't try to satisfy someone, while you're completely miserable. Think. Just think. Don't overthink (like me), but sometimes it's good to do so.
My momm and I lookin' cuteeeeee!!!! I'm going to miss her so much, too much. (BTW I got my permit today!!!!!!! One step closer to my license ;)))

In other news, I heard Disney was going to make a new Mulan movie with actual real people and I'm so scared they're going to ruin it!!!! That is my ultimate favorite movie and if they dare to remake it, they better try their hardest. I've heard a few rumors on Scarlett Johansson playing Mulan and that just confuses me. This a movie that has a full view of CHINESE culture. Why would they give the lead role to a white person??!?! It's insane., let's hope it's all rumors and they do a good job at remaking it.
Little appreciation thought: For those who don't know, I volunteer with children 3 days a week and it sometimes is irritating, but it's such a reward. These kids are so very smart and innocent and clever, it's so great sometimes. It's fun to hang out with them and forget all the troubles of the world hahahaha. These kids are (mostly) well-behaved so when we have to look after them, it's just no issue, it's actually really fun. I've learned a lot through this experience and I'm very grateful for the chance to impact these kids in a positive way. Will miss it very much when I leave.
Me looking at the beautiful Santa Cruz. Way. Too. Cool. Of. A. School.
Well that's it! Just a bit of randomness, probably will post again this weekend, but if not, hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!! =^^=

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