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First year of college: DONE!!!! Everyone is saying bye and writing cheesy messages and it's BEAUTIFULLY SAD!!!! This is going to be a cheesy message to mostly friends because hello?!?!!!? I'M MOVING OUT OF MY APARTMENT/DORM!!! AHHHHH.
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Where do I even start? I've got the coolest friends. And I mean THE COOLEST. Middle and high school was full of not knowing who I was and not knowing who I "needed" to be friends with. I'd see these cool group of friends and dream about having that cool group of friends and now...I think I have 'em. I realized after high school that having a lot of friends or having friends that have the same interests as me isn't important...AT ALL. I was so fucking focused on the idea that I needed friends who were like me in middle/high school that I just didn't look around me. I've got great ass friends from high school and I'm so glad I'm still in contact with them. And now I've got these new friends that (coincidentally) have the same interests as me!!!! And even at times we bump heads because we are different, THEY'RE SO GREAT TO BE AROUND. Every time I think about hanging out with them one word that pops up is LAUGHS. LAUGHS EVERYWHERE!!! And I think laughing is so damn important in life because it just makes you happy!!!! I feel like crying typing this because I got so lucky to be going to the same school as two of my close friends and then adding on awesome people to the group.
If you asked me in high school if I think I would have friends who like the same things as me and it would more than 6 people in the future, I would most definitely have said no.
this was me when i was sad and at my prime ahahahhaha
Karl Lo, Mia, Jess, Mal, Zoe, and Sarita you have helped me come to terms in who I am and basically fulfilled my """"friend group dreams"""" and I can never thank you guys enough for that.
Here's some other pictures of us having quite an interesting night!!!
Just...this year of college has been so fulfilling. Not only friends wise, but grades as well. I got straight A's first semester and still waiting for second semester, but I think I did pretty damn good. I do wish I talked to more people, but y'know what, I've got next year, I'm not going to be too hard on myself about that, especially because I'm pretty socially awkward.
It's the end of an era, you guys. All of my things are down and I'm leaving Wednesday. It's crazy and I'm so sad it's the end, but next year is going to be just as fun, I know it.
 move in day
move out day
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