I Don't Really Mind

A month has passed and definitely has been an interesting one, so.much.has.happened. [some of these are blurry and I'm sorry, the lighting in the apartment wasn't cooperating with me]
You damn well know I went and it was so fun!!! I got to see Blood Orange, DIIV, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Alex G, lil bit of Mac Demarco, lil bit of Beach House, GRIMES (!!!), and others and man was it an experience. FYF was the weekend after I moved back to SF so it was a very chaotic week. I was trying to get used to my new schedule, but of course tortured myself with a flight back home, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!! I got to hang out with my sister and see fun bands!!! Blood Orange was SO GOOD, guys, SO GOOD. I fell in love with DIIV. I couldn't see ANYTHING during Mac Demarco. Tame Impala was obviously so cool???? GRIMES WAS SO CUTE. It was just great.
I have found my second favorite ALL TIME bands. I've been listening to Local Natives ever since their first album, Gorilla Manor, came out, but recently they came out with their new album, Sunlit Youth, and it.is.SOGOOD. I want to cry. I saw them over the summer with my sister in LA, where they did an impromptu free show and it just made me feel nostalgic and reminded me of the love I have for them. So now, I've come to realize they are on the same spectrum as Vampire Weekend. SO, I got to see them last weekend here and they were SO AWESOME. Taylor Rice (lead) is my future husband and liiiikkkkeeee i'm in love with him. We were pretty far back so I couldn't quite see his face, but this man took out his man bun out and let his hair flow and CROWD SURFED and I just....this man. I am in LOVE with Local Natives and you should be too. (listen to Colombia, Coins, Fountain of Youth, Villiany, and their classics because obviously)
When I saw them in L.A.
When I saw them in Oakland.
Yup, I'm back in SF!!! I now live with some of my good good friends and it has been so much fun. I moved in a week before school started and it was crazy, but in a good way. My mom cried, of course, but it was much better than the first time because I knew I was going to live with people I knew and I basically already knew my environment!! It's been good so far and I'm excited for the year!!
Here's a bit of my room. It's definitely still in construction and looks the same as my other wall, but I just love putting shit on my white white walls!!!
I rarely get to use Clementine because all of us have a record player -_- but she's still cute and stuff.
Someone become my pen pal so we can send each other cute stuff for our walls.
I also didn't clean up my side because I felt that wasn't really me (lol) because I'm a pretty disorganized and just never do my bed.
Also, I have so much clothes that i have to put some of it under my bed...smh.
Here's my cute lil crystals, himalayan salt lamp, and incense.
So I'm back with studying and working with children and it's been awesome!!! School hasn't been too much stress, but the first two weeks were definitely filled with mad anxiety. I mean, c'mon why are ice breakers a thing?!?!?! And I have a professor that uses name tags?!?!?! WHAT!!!! BUT other than that, it's goin' good, I'm doing my shit to graduate fast and yeah!! Work has been just insanely fun. I work with a younger age group now and they are the SWEETEST kids ever I can't. Recent story: I was patting one of my kids' backs to sleep and he decided to stop me and instead put my hand on top of his and he was just holding my hand. HE WAS HOLDING MY HAND TO SLEEP. AAAHHHH!!!!!! I wanted to cry, it was so cute. Children are the best medicines to bad feelings.
speaking of FEELINGS
Y'know, I've had my days. It's been a month and a half since moving back in and moving obviously takes a toll on a person (+ I've been having family issues) so I'm not surprised I had a head malfunction, but everything is okay. And that's all that matters at the moment!!
This picture depicts how I feel lol
It's been an emotional month, but it's good. It's good. I hope you all had a great end of summer and that school/whatever you're doing has been positive and fun!!! =^^=
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