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WELL, summer has been going preeetttyyyyy well!!!!! It has been a week since it started and I have only watched/caught up with Game of Thrones and absolutely fell in love with and studied a bit for my SAT this weekend (cries), BUT GAME OF THRONES, IT BROKE MY HEART SO MUCH. I won't ruin it just in case some of y'all haven't watched, but prepare for a heartbroken experience. Do recommend watching it for sure. Ever since seeing it, I have been wanting a sword so I can swing it around ahahhahahaha. Here is an outfit I pulled together over the week:
//shirt - shop in Florida// shorts - thrifted// shoes - H&M//
I just wanted to show you guys how big this shirt I got from the DROWNERS concert (talked about it here). They were sold out of any of other sizes (so sad), but I was so desperate for a shirt I just got the large hahahhaha, this is my life. BUT HEY THE BAND SIGNED IT SO YES. (bathroom selfys are in ok)
I recently went to an "end of the year" party at my volunteer work place as a last goodbye and I finally got a picture of one of my kid's art that I have been laughing at forever. It is literally my favorite thing ever. Is what she's holding a flag or bloody axe???? NO 1 WILL KNOW. But in all seriousness it was supposed to be the American flag and look at her response, so cute. BUT SO FUNNY.
I ALSO RECENTLY GOT CHALKBOARD PAINT!!!!!! I have always wanted it and I finally got it and was so excited. It is kind of a mess right now because first drawing, but it'll get cuter :))))
AGGGHHHHH!!!! I saw The Fault in Our Stars!!!!!!!!!! So good and I cried way too much, my eyes are so swollen. I have never cried so hard seeing a movie to the point where it gave me a headache, it was just too much. Now disclosure: I can NEVER see a movie and think it's bad or think it is a terrible interpretation of it if it was a book. I just can't grasp it y'know? I am such a cheesy person when it comes to shows/movies/books like I love cheesy love stories, I don't know why. I'm going to re-read the book and watch the movie again in order to see if it was well made, I don't even know if I will be able to do that tho ahahahhaha. ALSO, people have been complaining about people going to watch the movie without reading the book and it pisses me off so much. Like who cares if they haven't read the book?!?!??! SOOO many books have been made into films and SOOO many people haven't read the book before seeing the movie. Some people like to read and some don't. Some people like movies and don't care for reading the book, like who cares?!?!? I have never seen this many people complain about it and it just irritates me. Maybe it has built up because the author of The Fault in Our Stars is so well-known in the internet, but people just need to chiiiiillll ouuuuut.
This kid graduated 8th grade this week and I am so very proud of him. He may not be "grade smart", but he is soooosososososooo smart in such a deeper level and I am so happy of the kind of person he has become. He is so talented and sets his mind to things he wants and I am so proud to be his sister. I don't say this to him face-to-face because I am not so affectionate and we just can't get into complimenting each other, but hopefully one day he'll read this and appreciate it. I am a real bitch to him sometimes, but I have now understood why: it's a way to express my worry-ness of his future. I may do it in a terrible way, but I just want him to be the best he can be. I'm so happy to have a brother like him because he gets into things so deep and likes to talk about social issues and understands them and it just makes me sosososososo happy. I don't know any kid his age like that. Love you, Poonior.
My siblings are really important to me and I may never express it, but truly they are. My sister may never believe that because she always takes everything I say as a joke, but everything I put here in this blog, I really, really mean. They have helped me become the person I am today, maybe in bad ways, but also great ways. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend =^^=
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