Leelah Alcorn. One of the many transgenders who took her life away from herself because of the terrible rejection her world gave her. This world needs change and this world KNOWS it. How can parents be so horrible to their OWN child? How can one just love their own kin for years and then all of a sudden throw them into the bush when something they haven't experienced hits them? Of course it is very hard for parents to realize their son/daughter is gay/lesbian or feels they want to identify themselves as a different gender -- their TRUE gender, BUT it is even tougher for those who are actually EXPERIENCING this very different feeling about themselves. Those parents who choose to not accept their kid's decision are SELFISH and unbelievably IGNORANT. And that also goes for everyone else who chooses to go against same sex marriage or transgenders or anything of the sort. Alcorn's parents even buried her in a grave with the pronoun "he" instead of what Leelah would have wanted, "she". They took that away from her. Her lasting memory won't even be a true one. I saw this on tumblr the other day and I find it SO important (reworded because I couldn't find the exact quote), "DO NOT have a child if you will not be able to accept her/him being gay/lesbian or transgender or different from the 'norm' in any way." If you will not be able to do that, then you will be putting someone innocent in a already very difficult and terrible situation in the future already and that is completely unfair. People need to start accepting everybody. It is simple. Leave people BE.
What we also need to think about, something my sister told me, is that we shouldn't be wasting our words on those old men and women who have been living in a patriarchal world for their entire life and have been taught in one way and one way only. Who we need to convince is their daughters and sons and granddaughters and grandsons and those of the future generation because THEY ARE THE FUTURE. They are the ones who will be changing our present ways. It's time for change guys, but we need to go to the right people.

Well, enough of that rant, two days ago I was able to go on a one day road trip to Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree National Park!!!! It was unbelievably beautiful and I'm so glad I got to end my winter break with that.
We first went to Salvation Mountain. It's a monument that Leonard Knight, ONE MAN, created a couple years ago and it's incredible.
It's all about how God is love and how God is good, but I'm not very religious. I consider myself agnostic, but it has always been a place of peace and beauty and art. Being religious isn't really required. When we entered "Slab City" there were a whole bunch of hippies and it was a completely different feel. It was pretty peaceful and made me open my eyes and just feel a different environment, it was sooo cool!!!!! Here are a few pictures:
I actually didn't want to go at first when my sister first suggested it, but once we got there I cannot believe I ever denied going.
We then went out way to Joshua Tree, which was just as awesome!!! It's mostly hiking and desert and rocks and plants, but it's sooo fun and so very pretty. I wish we could have spent more time there, but definitely will have to go back soon!!!!!
So that is what has happened recently and what has been on my mind. Hopefully that rant comes out positive and I didn't make any mistakes!!!! Happy 2015 guys. Another year has passed, the start of another adventure. Here's a piece of advice I gained recently: Forget those people who make fun of people who say they want to be a better person this year or want to do something drastic. If you want to do something new this year, DO IT, don't let people stop you. Remember to think about your own opinion because that is what matters the most. Talk to you all soon =^^=
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