It's finally summer and man I gotta make this one memorable. It's been pretty great so far, preparing for my sister's graduation party, going to an awesome concert, and starting to learn how to skate!!! Pretty proud of the past week, ever since I graduated. Well, this last Saturday I went on an adventure to the middle of "skidrow" in L.A. It's apparently (I barely learned this new word) the street where many homeless people are living. There's a numerous amount of tents and people sleeping in them. It's quite a sad sight really. I remember it killed most of people's vibes on prom night when we passed it, everyone realizing how tough it can be. It's really sad that people have to live in such a terrible way, perhaps it was their fault, perhaps it wasn't, but nobody should have to live like that..anyways, hahahaha, the concert was moved last minute to this barren warehouse, my mom was so close to not letting me go to the concert once she saw where it was. It was very dangerous and very sketchy, but I paid good money for it so I wasn't going to let it go!!!! She finally let us go and man oh man was it a memorable night...
It started off with us having to go into this weird building and the guy "checking our tickets" BARELY CHECKED THEM. They didn't even check our bags!!! I am now starting to think it wasn't very official...well, luckily there were many teenagers, but also college-like people. Many of them were smoking weed and cigarettes and I felt like I was going to die smelling it all. There was also LOTS of beer and drunk people and I am pretty positive I could've asked for a beer and they wouldn't check my I.D. I saw a lot of people who were holding beer cans that were definitely NOT 21 and over. Yeah..3 opening acts later and finally the band came out and it was WILD. I actually went into the mosh pit this time and it was GRRREAAAT!!!! It wasn't as bad as it was when I went to see The Orwells so I was pretty happy about that!! Definitely have to experience more mosh pits hahahhaa.
Of course there were people crowd surfing and I almost got kicked by one of them..rad right?!?!?!? Hahahahahha, BUT I did get punched in the face!!! I was scared that my glasses broke and I just noticed that they left a huge scratch on my poor lenses!!! So now my mom HAS to get me new glasses..thanks dude that punched me!
The band overall was super cool, I passed them a couple of times and it's just so weird from experiencing a, let's say, One Direction concert to THIS. I mean you pass the band members like they're part of the crowd, which is super weird because I am so not used to that? It's super cool to now enjoy shows like these because there aren't as many rude people, there isn't MEANINGFUL pushing, it's all just..well, FUN!!! 
The band was called Twin Peaks (no not named after the show) and I highly recommend you all look them up and listen to 'Making Breakfast,' you'll LOVE it!!! I am so excited to experience these kinds of concerts in San Francisco, it's just going to be too exciting. 
Going to these kinds of concerts kind of remind me that I am sort of growing up? I don't really care for One Direction anymore, I've stepped away from that realm and it's super weird? And scary. Aaaaaand terrifying. Aaaaaaaaaaand exciting all in one.
Look how cute we are!!! I got a brand new instax from my family for graduation anD I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!! 
One more thought: I've realized I'm not so independent after all. I try to be and I think I can be, I just gotta stop thinking so damn much. Lately, I have been noticing how much I think and how much of an asshole I can be. I try to stop myself, but sometimes I'm just too oblivious or stubborn. Things make me irritated and sometimes I think I have good reason, but other times..there's just no reason at all. I have been able to stop myself more often from getting mad easily and I guess getting rid of that unconscious dependent side, so I think that's a good first step. It just really sucks noticing it. I think way way waaaay too much and realizing it WHILE DOING IT, just makes it all worse..Any tips for that??? Man, my brain just puts in too much work when it could be relaxing I mean it's SUUUMMMMMEERRR, c'mon, Brain. =^^=
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