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Ah well, it's been awhile (well for me). I hate that the only reason why I don't blog often is because I don't have the camera I want. I tried taking pictures with my friend's camera, but it just wasn't the same. Too complicated, since I didn't know how to really use it. Anyways, here's another life update, featuring stories, adventures, and friends:
Last week, my professor brought in a speaker talking about the disappearance of 43 college students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. He mentioned there was a protest that was going to take place the following Saturday so my friends and I decided to go try raise awareness. The theory (or truth) of what happened to these students was that the Mexican government decided to kidnap them because they were the ones educating people, they were supposed to become teachers. The Mexican government clearly doesn't want their people to know more because they might rebel against them. That's just the gist of it, but everyone..please be aware that this is happening all over the world. Don't stay ignorant to the world and our people. Look at articles and talk about the with family and friends, social media even. Social media is such a huge platform nowadays, it can do so much. 
Aside from the negatives in the world...my friends and I made a girl group!!!! We're called 'Girl Smoothie' and we're here to...be...cute....hhahhahaha. We just made a group because we wanted to so we made an instagram (follow us 'girlsmoothie') and yeah. We haven't posted much, but we will!!!! We're just gonna post pictures of us or what we're doing or cool things we make, etc.
This chick is cool, I guess.
I think I've talked about this before, but oh do I love this school. They grow strawberries just randomly around the campus!!!!!! Look at this (I posted this on instagram, too, ahhaha follow me 'josselynalba')!!!!! Agh, the nature here is just so so so beautiful and cool and I just love it so much. I may be far from the library and certain buildings and the underground..but walking there isn't so bad when there's trees, different flowers and plants around that you can look at!!! Also, while on your way to the library, there's these fields of grass, where people either sleep, dance, hang out with friends, or do some weird shit. I've seen people throwing batons, doing this stay still thing that I forgot the name of, playing drums, etc., etc.
I found this "butts" button at Runaway Fest and I love it, ahahhaha. I also made a Girl Smoothie pin and it came out sorta cute, I just needed to make something before my brain exploded. I hadn't made some DIY stuff since I moved out because of different reasons and it made me so sad. I need to get back into my groove. I also made the pink one before I moved and the house one is one of the The Orwells buttons I bought at their concert!
We have this little family made up of two of my roommates, two of my home friends, one friend we made here, and ME. We always go out on Saturdays to explore the new city that we now live in and it's always so so so fun. It's quite lucky that I was able to get two roommates that I get along with and can actually hang out with, even with my home friends. The two below are pictures of us. 
San Francisco. What an interesting city I live in. You literally just have to take one underground to get to any place you want. I know I've still got a while, but I just wonder what city I'll end up in. L.A. seems too crazy and the distance between each place is way too large, but SF is 8 hours away from my family!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!! I don't know, Josselyn you still got a while..chill. 
If any of you are moving out soon or some sort of that, don't worry..everything will be fine. I honestly thought I would chicken out and not move out, but I actually did it. At some points, its been hard to get used to having to only have phone and facetime calls with my family, but exploring your new location is so FUN!!!!!! I hope you all are happy and I will be posting more because finishing this post has made my day better. I love talking on here, hahahha. =^^=
(OH P.S. I am asking my friends to make a 10 song playlist on their favorite songs of all time or right now. They all have pretty different music taste so, I think it'll be pretty diverse. I love listening to new music and I bet a lot of you like doing that, too, so perhaps you'll discover new music!!!!)
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