god, i've been trying to type this blogpost up for WEEKS. there's so much to talk about I don't even know where to begin so here's an attempt:

ONE - I went to Mexico last month for my cousin's wedding and it was so so fun!! I got to spend some time with family and got to see beautiful sights and got reminded of my privilege. we passed by some little little little LITTLE towns and it was refreshing. i talk about privilege a lot, but because i think it's important to recognize it at all times and be grateful for what we've got. anyways, here's some pictures of that weekend, even though these DEFINITELY don't justify how fucking beautiful it was. 
TWO - because my friends and i couldn't make it to beach goth this year (even tho i heard it was a shit show), we decided to be a bit lame and create 'geach both' and just listened to music and had some fuuunnnnn. OH, also we're fans of Stranger Things so we did the wall letters thing (first pics are of all that). Halloween also passed and it was fun (i was Selena Quintanilla :-), (so there's also pictures of that night as well).THREE - we also celebrated two birthdays this past month. two great friends are now a year older and i hate it (i'm kind, of sort, really terrified of growing old!!!!). [random note: well, the U.S. is in deep shit. y'know, it was/is hard. its been hard for a lot of people trying to cope with the fact that our next president (and our future cabinet) are so full of hatred toward so many minorities. this election had so many negative aspects, i still cant believe it was really our election. fuck being in a bubble full of privilege and not remembering that there are so many racists, misogynists, homophobics, transphobics, islamophobics, xenophobics, etc., etc. fuck this corrupt world. ]FOUR - so now, as im typing this, im home for fall break and its my first day here. its already been a rough day, but lets hope for better ones. here are some pictures that make me wanna cry because i love my friends. (pic creds to mia!! if ya wanna see more beautiful film, she has posted more on her instagram) im hoping to post again this week, i really need to focus on my blog more. give me life updates!!! how are u guys!!! hope youre happy!!!! and great doing things!!!
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