sea of years - 2016

this year, for me, was about growth. sounds lame, i know, but my mind keeps telling me to figure my shit out and to try harder at becoming a better person.

for some reason, when i was in middle school and high school, my mindset was to be a bitch because that's who i was. i hated everyone and was proud of it. called myself cynical all the time. that's probably true to this day, but i'm not quite proud of the way i would respond to things because of this mentality. so, this year was about that. to get rid of that mentality and i think i did do better. 2017 will definitely have more growth involved, but i've already started, which is awesome.

one of my 2016 resolutions was to let things go and stop getting so mad so quickly, which i think i've done a better job at. i think my 2016 was pretty active, but i hope 2017 is more productive so here's a few things i wanna work on:
1) goddamn it BLOG MORE (maybe set time aside to do it weekly?)
2) read more (as always)
3) try to gain a new skill or experience
4) be a bit more social and amiable
Anyway, here's a bit of what happened in 2016.
FYF was my first festival, ever, and it was so cool. Hopefully, maybe, maaaybbbeee, will go to more festivals this year.
Annual family camping trip. Always my favorite time of year. Let's hope we go to Yellowstone this year!!

First day of 2016.
Friends, friends, friends.
Galentine's Day 2016. Starting to plan this year :-)))

Wizarding World of Harry Potter finally opened and was such a dream (even though it's not ooohhhhh so great, btu it's really cool to feel like you're in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade)

Land's End. I got to visit a lot of nature this year and ugh, I LOVE IT!!!!! More of this, plzzzzzz, 2017.
I went to many shows this year and it was the best time ever.
Mexico. Probably my favorite memory of this year. My extended family is very complicated and very different compared to me, but it was so. damn. great. to be meet family members and be with my cousins and frickin' go to a new country!!!!! I loved it. So much.

Thanks, 2016, and to everyone who read my blog this year. Thanks to my family and friends who dealt with me. Hopefully, 2017 will be full of new places and new experiences.
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