it's only life

It's been tough. It's hard to accept things that you really didn't expect to happen to you. I've become open to the idea of open relationships and polygamy because I truly believe human beings are not meant for monogamy. We're too complex. Too...dependent. The idea of marriage has become more faulty and confusing these days (thanks to my professors). And now i'm really forming my opinion on marriage. This past semester I've been so accepting of open relationships/polygamy and I knew from the start I wasn't really into it myself, but I understood why some people would want it and why I think many human beings should consider it. I think one topic that needs to be discussed is cheating. Knowing this above information, how would I view cheating? I think cheating is the perfect example of human beings not being able to be with one person forever and not being communicative. This explanation isn't for the assholes who want to hurt people or who just did it for fun. It's for those who have been in marriages for a very long time or those who have found another soulmate on accident (we definitely have 1+ soulmates) or other examples that I can't think of. Human beings are one of the only animals that actually follow through with monogamy and it's pretty insane. If you've actually thought about marriage and the whole "forever" thing, you know what I'm talking about.
I like to think my future partner and I will be very communicative, to the point where if one of us wants to branch out (have more partners), we'd tell one another, instead of being sneaky. That's the kind of relationship I want. The kind where you're so comfortable in discussing anything because that's what makes relationships last. Our society lacks in having the ability to communicate how we feel and what we want our family, friends, and partners. That's an important factor in why divorce rates are so high, too. People give up easily. People don't want to try, don't want to COMMUNICATE.
I haven't been in a relationship, but I definitely feel like I will be well prepared for what would come because of how much I think and how much I've learned these past two years. Look, for those in relationships, out of one, will be in one, never has been in one, I know my advice isn't very reliable due to the fact that i've never in a relationship, but honestly there are two things that will make your companionship better: communication and comfortable with sex. I'm telling you if you can perfect those two, your relationship will last longer than many others.
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