so says i

just a month ago, i talked about how i feel stressed and was having an existential crisis, even though i'm still young. i was also calling myself  "not an adult", but my friend (sarita) made me a realize something and i just read through that post again (here it is if you're interested)....i am an adult. i am. a young one, but still am. i live on my own, i pay own bills, i pay my own rent, pay for my food, pay for whatever shows i want to go to,  I PAY FOR EVERYTHING (besides my phone bill and a few things here and there). i think when i was writing that post, i was refusing to accept that i'm getting older. i was refusing to accept the term "adult" in my life. but it's pretty silly of me to do that, eventually i'll have to accept that and i kind of do now???  i realize that "adult" doesn't mean boring or wrinkles or like 40 lol, it just means you're independently living (i mean i think???? what does 'adult' even meaaaaannnnn!!!!!). anyways, i just wanted to share, yes i'm an adult, but still am 12 years old and do stupid things. here's a few pictures of my friends and i doing dumb things or lookin dumb because clearly i take myself seriously:
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