Hello babez!!!! Yes, I am now a 17 year old. I CAN SEE RATED-R MOVIES NOW YAAAAAY. This year's birthday was first, well, dull, but then it got better, sometimes my mood just makes everything worse!!! BUT I did have a great weekend and am so happy. I went to the arcade yesterday with 3 of my best friends and it was aweeeeeesome!!!!!! The arcade is so much fun, even though it pressures you into wasting more and more and more money....
{wat q-tz}
{after this we got in trouble for playing in the kid's section, sad face Arleen (above) looks so happy}
There's this type of photobooth, Cue, and they are the cutest pictures you will ever take, I looooove them!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE SO *~~*~*~~KAWAII~**~*~*~
{I will make a blogpost on the things I got for my birthday, but you can see my neW DOCS HERE AHHHHHHH} {& we got these finger puppets from the 776 tickets we won}
They are literally the best-est friends ever, who know me so well and I am so grateful to have them in my little life <3 <3 <3
It's kind of crazy how I'm 17 now. Like I know it is still a young age and everything, but I'm going to 18 next year, which means I can buy cigzzzz & lottery tickets!!!!!! Hahahahha, it is completely insane how fast time goes and sometimes people don't appreciate the little minutes that they think are pointless. Every minute, hour, second, you should live at the fullest because the amount of time we get to live is not enough. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I'M SEVENTEEN WOOOOO!!!!
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