(๑*◡*๑) THE PAST OF 2014 (๑*◡*๑)

It's that time of year again. Where everyone says goodbye to 2014 and says hola to 2015. Where everyone reminisces on the past year, which is exactly what I will be doing. Here's a huge pile of pictures from 2014, it'll be a new tradition to my blog. Welcome to the past of 2014:
JANUARY(͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)
The start of 2014. And we start it with a selfy with space buns. It was the month where ideas were starting to run through my head for my blog, some reasonable..some not. My New Year's Resolution was to not give a shit about what people thought about me...and I reached that frickin' goal you guys.
The Spontaneous Movement began and I still to this day think it's a great idea. It will forever be in our hearts, everyday thinking of new ideas to improve our lives in ways we could not imagine. The three muskateers here will always be spontaneous.
Januarty 31. The day I turned 17. Just another year of being a cool ass teen. I've also realized this year that I LOOOVVVEEEE being a teenager and kind of want to stay a teen forever. I can do anything I want basically and experience everything I desire, but once I grow up...that will start fading away and it's very very very sad/scary.
FEBRUARY(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The month I began to love myself and not care what anyone thought about me, which was a HUUUUGGGEEE step for me. I had always "faked" not caring, thinking that would lead me to actually not caring and it actually worked!!! One day before art class I was walking towards the classroom and it all of a sudden hit me...that I DIDN'T CARE ANYMORE. And it was such a huge relief, I cannot explain to you how it felt, I was just so happy. That's when I formed GAL-entine's Day, Leslie Knope's idea. We had a little sleepover did some crafts and were just girlzzz. IT WAS FUN.
I also got to see Miley Cyrus this month and that was spontaneous!!!! It was sooooo fun, her concert was absolutely INSAAAANEEEE. I am so happy I went, even if my friends made fun of me for DAYSSS.
All about friends. Looking back at these pictures has made me realize how precious friends are. Just in general. I am so so so happy to have these ones below and so many others in my life. I have made so many new friends this year and it's been so great. I talk to more people at school and that was something I never thought I would achieve. They're not people I just say hi and bye to, but the ones I love to talk to and hang around with. Good, good people.
More friends and concerts and AP TESTS. I don't even remember being super stressed, but I know I was super stressed. (below) The original crew, since freshman year. The ones who will always be there.
DROWNERS CONCERT, where I got to meet them all and it was one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to. Not a great picture, but it's the only one that almost has the entire band, ahahahha, I WAS SO CLOSE I COULDN'T TAKE ONE. Best experience eveeerrrrr.
We also went to Universal Studios tons of times this year, which I enjoyed a lot each time because it was always family time. My family is awesome.
THE WANTED CONCERT. I CANNOT EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW AMAAAAZZZZING THIS CONCERT WAS. Because it was their last tour FOREVER, I absolutely had to go so my sister got me tickets. This concert was unforgettable because I knew every. single. lyric. EVERY ONE. And it was a band I wanted to see live so bad. Just a wonderful, wonderful concert.
The end of junior year and the start of summaaaah!!!!! The picture below is when my family hated me, ahahahahahha.
The weekend after school ended, my family, friends, and I all went to the beach to celebrate the end. It was a grrrrrrand time.
The most important thing that happened this month was my best friend graduating. This one is my person (she'll understand the reference). No matter who leaves and who comes, I know Arleen will ALWAYS be there for me and that makes me excited about life because I will have her by my side. I don't know where I'll be going in 2015, but I do know this one will do amazing things and I will be right by her side, and vice versa. Thank you, Arleen, for EVERYTHING you have done for me.
Growing up, but still acting like the 10 year old. My brother also graduated 8th grade this year and oh man, this kid is gonna do GREAT things in life, I can guarantee that. He may annoy me a lot, but this kid is the smartest, weirdest kid I know and I am so happy to have him as my brother. (selfy of the year)
Also, LUNA VAGINA WAS BORRRRRN!!!!!!! My baby :') She's been doing great and I cannot wait till I get my license and start doing awesome things with her.
VIDCON 2014. SO. MUCH. FUN. Even if we didn't have tickets. We basically saw everyone we wanted to see and hanging out with these 2 for 3 days was so funny and fun.
Plus, I had a sleepover and that's when Arleen went nuts.
(no pictures because I didnt do anything omfg, BUT HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY)
BUSY BUSY MONTH. Probably the busiest of them all.
I went to yearbook camp, which was a lot of fun and I actually gained friends through it. It was also the weekend where I realized college might not be so bad...and my friend did something terrible because it was the last day at camp....
Right after the day I came back from camp, my sister, her friend, and I went to see Arctic Monkeys!!!!!! Another band I had wanted to see for SOOOO LOOONNNGGGG. They were amazing, no surprise there.
The day after the concert I went actual camping, but I didn't take any good pictures, but it was fun!!!!
This month was also the decision where I began to exclude any kind of poultry from my daily food intakes...and failed. BUT it was a good life lesson, I might try again once I move out.
I ALSO GOT MY PIERCING THIS MONTH WOW. I now where a hoop, which I think is cuter and am so happy my parents let me have this stinker. Oh and I started school, which who cares, right...even though it's senior year...ha ha ha.
A month of senior year passed and the best day ever occurred.
Poonior became a band geek at this point. He is so into his drums I think he would like to marry them...I'm glad he's taken this as a hobby instead of doing illegal things or something ahahhahaha.
OCTOBER\ (•◡•) /
Homecoming happened and it was fun I guess, just not my thing...BUT MY ATTIRE WAS SURE CUTE. 
The day finally came where I dressed up as Luna Lovegood for Halloween and it was awesome, no other costume of mine can compare.
This cutie below finally grew on me and still is annoying, but I love hanging out with her.
 AAANNNNDD I saw the wonderful Lewis Watson and cannot believe he was RIGHT THERE.
 Also the TEEEERROOORRRR OF The 1975 concert happened.
And here is December. The start of a new project and the only "rebel" thing I have ever done.
Yes, this is a preview of my new photoshoot that came out SOOOO cute, I just need to edit a few more pictures. These 2 are 2 best friends that I will always thank for letting me be me and sometimes even joining me on my weird ideas.
And yeah...I did a stick n poke with my friend...I know...IT WAS SOMETHING THAT HAD TO BE DONE. 2015 has to be the year where I get out of my comfort zone in different ways and perhaps it'll take a while, but i'm hoping, it will happen. This was just something dumb we decided to do because we never do anything extreme y'know. It's supposed to be 2 mountains = best friends, independence, and Twin Peaks (which I started last week, sosososooo great).
 And to end the 2014 blogpost here's another selfy, depicting how I look at the end of the year.
I don't really know how this year went, but from these pictures, it was a damn good year. I skipped the anxiety attacks and crying episodes. I skipped the loneliness I have felt in 2012-2013. I skipped caring about useless things. 2014 was quite awesome and I hope 2015 brings me more. Thank you to everyone who is in these pictures and those who have made me laugh at least once, you are a tru gem. Thank you all for reading my blog. You are all so wonderful and fantastic. I hope each of you had a great 2014 and wish the very very very very VERY best 2015 year for you all. C U IN 2K15 FOLKS. =^^=
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