The Spontaneous Movement

We three have began a spontaneous movement. Wearing things you don't usually wear. Doing things you wouldn't usually do. These two kind of stepped into my shoes for the day, style wise.
Last night, we went to the movies and saw Catching Fire. Karl Lo {below} went to go get change from the cashier and he was fliiiiiiirting with her!!!!!!! She is a person who finds everything awkward so the conversation they had was pretty awkward. We then were deciding if she should go give him her number, but didn't end up doing it. Then we got this idea where we need to be spontaneous, and so our ~*~**~spontaneous movement*~*~*~~*~ was created. What if the reason the things we wanted so badly and didn't get them was because we weren't being spontaneous enough? What if that person you smiled at and they smiled back was your future LUVR and you just let them go? What if you regret not going sky diving when you were younger at the age of 60? 
Here are a few steps on how to start and do your beginning of the SPONTANEOUS movement.
Step 1: Grab a couple of friends and plan out what things you have always wanted to do. Make sure they are realistic because if they're not, you are certainly not going to do them and THAT'S THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THIS IS.
Step 2: You have to not care. You have to not care about what anyone thinks of you because maybe some of your ideas involve other people seeing who you really are.
Step 3: BE STRONG. Doing some things can be pretty tough and nerve-wrecking, but YOU HAVE TO STAY STRONG. Do not chicken out.
And lastly, step 4: Rock it. Just rock the f out of your challenges. If you are going to do them, do them the right way.
This all may sound cheesy, but sometimes you need cheesy in your life. Some of those spontaneous things will be cheesy, but it'll be worth it.
 {This is Heisenberg}
Here is a lesson about regret: REGRET IS FOR THE WEAK. Why stay thinking about the past? Stop thinking about the past!!!!!! What's, is done. Regretting can bring you down so much and it's just not worth it. If you CAN do something about it, DO IT, maybe that can be part of your Spontaneous list, but if you CAN'T do anything about it, just let it go.
These are the bestest friends I could ever ask for and we have begun our Spontaneous Movement.

This photoshoot/blog post took a totally different turn of what I was planning to do, but THAT'S SPONTANEOUS, hahahhahah. I haven't made my own list of things I have to do, but I shall blog about it once I have it. I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, it is quite different, but I had SO much fun making it and taking pictures of these weird-os. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and wish you all luck on your Spontaneous Movement!!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 5 DAYS GET READY.
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