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Hello beautiful people!!!!! Man, school has been tough for me the past couple of days, even though it is only the second week coming back from winter break. Second semester is always the busiest and toughest semester out of the 2. I have to work hard because of the schools I want to end up going. My ambition to go to NYU has grown and it is scaring me because I am most likely not going to get it in. I don't have the GPA I want and it just sux! BUT the good thing is I haven't had any meltdowns, which is always a good sign. MY BIRTHDAY IS SOOOOON!!! I am really excited because I am finally turning 17 which means one more year to 18 which means I am getting closer to leave high school and go to college!!!!!!!! I don't know why I am so excited to go to college, it just seems so exciting, moving out, getting a new start, life beginning!!!!!!
Currently I am watching too many shows at once. Gossip Girl. American Horror Story. Teen Wolf. Supernatural. And soon How I Met Your Mother once it comes back IN LIKE A WEEK. I have a show basically for each day week and IT STRESSES ME OUT. I mean Gossip Girl I'm just watching on netflix, but yeaaaaah. 
Y'know how I volunteer at a kids center? Sometimes some of my kids draw me pictures randomly and it is THE cutest thing in the world. It is probably one of my most favorite things in the world. They just think "I am going to draw a picture...who should I give it to....I'll give it to Ms. Palma!" I over analyze it, but I just love it. My sister also sometimes draws random drawings on some of my notebooks and I don't find them till weeks later and when I do find them, it makes me feel so warm inside. I absolutely love thinking about the little things that make each of us happy randomly. There are so many things it is insane how some people fall into depression when so many great things are around them, they just haven't found them yet. I sometimes want to become a motivational speaker because I want to help people and such, but anxiety takes over so.
 // shirt - american apparel // skirt - thrifted // leggings - forever 21 // socks - target // headband - forever 21 // BTW this outfit is from the weekend //
I re-decorated my wall and I started getting pictures printed out in polaroid frames!!!! So, I am taping them on my wall and they look so cute!!!!! & they are so cheap, I got 3 for free because I get emails from the company, which is Printic (just download the app!!!!). I love doing so many things, but I just get lazyyyyy and want separate myself from the world because I deal with people all day anywayzzzz ahahhahahha. Literally my personality word would be cynical. I SPEAK THE TRUUUUTH. Well, hope you all are having a ~*~*~*~*~~**~dreamy~*~*~*~*~*~ week!
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