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HEY BABEZ! LOOK AT ME WITH NO CONTACTS. I don't think I have made a post without my glasses, so weird. I got glasses in second grade, got contacts in eighth, and glasses again junior year. Yeah, I have been blind since SECOND GRADE. Funny story: I remember the first day I went to school with them, I didn't put them on all day, but I needed to read the board so I had my glasses on my lap, hesitating whether to put them on or not, and my teacher passed by me, saw my glasses on my lap, and tapped my shoulder saying "Put them on, you need them." I was so embarrassed so I slowly put them on and felt fine! Thinking back to that memory, I laugh at myself because I was just hesitating to put them and my teacher had to ruin my moment by passing by me hahahahahahah.
*~*~*~**~Sisterly love~*~**~*~*~
// shirt - thrifted // skirt - thrifted // socks - target // jujus - aa //
Notice that it is currently winter and I am wearing a tank top with a skirt. THAT'S CALIFORNIA FOR YA, MAN. 
PART 2 of my many "bitchfaces". It screams "ew wtf get away from me". {here's part 1} OH YEAH I'M WEARING EYELINER?!?!?! Like I said on yesterday's post, I'm practicing wearing eyeliner so yeah!!!!!! I actually like it........WOAH MY HAIR LOOKS LONG. People always ask me, since I never change my hair, don't I get bored of it? Many people cut their hair because they are just bored, but I actually have never gotten bored to the point where I would cut it off. I will have, every once and a while, those spasms where I just want something different, so I dye it! Cutting my hair is NEVER an option. I used to cry because my mom would make me and it'd be too short for my taste, ahahahha. I have only stopped crying the last 2 times I have cut it. My mom gets terribly mad, ahahahahahhahahaha, THAT'S ME :-)
I went to the CUTEST Japanese store today and everything was basically $1.50. IT WAS SO COOL. I wish I could buy the whole store, it's my new favorite shop. So, I got all these cute thingz!!!!!!! There are so many everyday items in that store, but cuTER VERSIONS OF THEM. AGH. I need to go back very soon, I NEED MORE STUFF....I buy too much crap. Well, hope you all had a wonderful Saturday, FOUR DAY WEEKEND 4 ME!!!!! =^^=
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