Ahhhh well. Senior year is coming to an end and prom is over. Prom was pretty fun!!! Nothing really happened enough to make an entire post about it though..I mean let's list some stuff that went on: I went on a party bus (LOL), I danced, my friends and I looked so good, this girl on the party bus was dancing on the strip pole...kind of awkward, hung out with cool people after, took pictures...and yeah! It was a normal prom thing, I think my favorite part was taking pictures because we all just looked so booootiiiifuuuuuulll!!!!! Here's some pics:
I actually bought my dress at a thrift store!!! I seriously went to every store possible and so I just decided to go look at my faaavorite thrift store and I found the perfect dress!!! IT WAS MEANT TO BEEEEE. The lipstick is Mac (I hate Mac, but this was a good color hahahaaa), and shoes from a knock off shoe place!!! My prom look was very cheap compared to others and I'm proud.
My father and I!!!
***cries*** this is 3/5 of the original five and we all wore black how cute! My best friends looked sooooo beautiful.
MY PROM GROUPPP (plus one), ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. The best people I could ever ask for honestly. I couldn't stop laughing because they made me do the tea pot pose.
So, we went to take a picture together and we were soo awkward because we never take like normal pictures?? It was so funny, she's the bestest best.
THE CHEETAH GIRLS. Honestly, I'm going to miss this group so much. I cannot believe I have to leave 2 of them. They've all taught me so much about myself and how to grow. There's been rough times, but at the end of it all, we were left and that's perfect. Thanks guys for giving me a wonderful friendship, I'll cherish it forever.
Sooo, yeah. That was prom. I was with more people, but we didn't take pictures!!! Tomorrow is my last day of high school. I still feel like a 6 year old. I've met the best and worst people throughout these 4 years. I'm getting all cheesy and sentimental, but c'mon?!?!?! I'M LEAVING HIGH SCHOOL!!! I kind of felt like I was going to be there forever and for a couple of years, I forgot that I get older each day...I've had rough days and thought the world was ending, but at the end of it all, those were crumbs compared to the rest of my life!!!! It's just so insane how fast time really went. I'll miss the people I've met because they have given me the best kind of friendships and the best memories...I shall be more sentimental later once I GRADUATE next week. Until then, adios amigas!!!! =^^=
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