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I've come to realize I don't believe in commercialized holidays. They are just a way for corporations to make money off of us, BUT I do like how there's a day dedicated to those special people. BUT I also believe you should tell your mom you love her everyday, not just those special days. Although, I would like to say I love my mom VERY much and I am SO FLIPPIN' LUCKY to have such an AAAMAAAZING person next to me. I hope to be just as great as a parent as she is. Here's a little excerpt I got from one of my favorite instagram moms, who got it from this blogpost
"This year I want to use Mothering Sunday to celebrate all the women in my life who have ‘mothered’ me with their words, their wisdom, their humour, their actions and their honesty. The friends, the sisters, the teachers, the neighbours, the colleagues (and not forgetting my wonderful actual mother!). The women who have taught, nurtured, cajoled and supported me. The ones who walk with me the joys and frustrations of daily life. All those who have made my life richer in ways they don’t even realise."
Mother's Day isn't only dedicated to those who birthed a child, but those who acted as one and who had to take up the role as one. Thank you to my sister, my friend Danielle, my cousins, uncles, older friends, grandma, etc. who helped grow as a person at some point in my life. You've really encouraged me to be the best person I can be and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Continuing with the blogpost...I have a few pictures from last weekend, where my friends and I went to our local fair so here they aaare!!!!
I find it completely hilarious that my little city actually has not only one fair, but TWO. It's such a small city and weird to have our own fair?? Hahahahha, but it was a very cute place to take cute pictures (and the food is always that good junk food you have every once in a while)
I can never thank these two enough for always being there. I am so very grateful to get to go to college with one of them, but SO VERY SAD to have to leave the other. We've always been there for each other and it's sad to see us have to separate for a while, but we are certainly going to stay friends FOREVVAAA so that when we're old we can go to a reunion One Direction concert together.
These weirdos went to go dance with children on the dance floor at the fair and I couldn't stop laughing. I'm definitely not a party person and so I am scared for after prom because my friends and I are planning to go to a ~*~*~*~high school party*!*!*!*! Imagine me with teens all around me drinking beer?!?!?! I'm terrified, hahahahah. But prom is this weekend and I'm excited to share some pictures with you guys!!!!!!
Well those were all the pictures I thought were good enough!!! AP tests have been KIIILLIIING me, but I only have 3 left. 3 LEFT!!!! And then I have finals, but I can do this..right?!?!?! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I shall speak to you all soon =^^=
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