So...I'M MOVED IN....CRAZY. I'm not gonna talk about certain people because then I'll start crying, still wounded, BUT my two days here have actually been pretty.....great!!!! I have two of my close friends here which makes everything so much easier and also my roommates are pretty cool!!! I've made a few friends here and there and it's so so cool. Classes are beginning on Monday and it's kinddaaa freaking me out, but i'm just not gonna think about it till then, hahahaha. Well, here's little pictures of my space in my (on campus) apartment!! [I actually realized that the pictures I have are kind of crappy so I will only put one, hahahah. Soon I'll get a good picture once I get a I don't know...CAMERA?!?!? Hahahha (totally kidding..kinda), here's a piece!!!
I actually find it so cute and very me (CLUTTERED AKA MY DESK). I kind of want to go for a whole different look. but this will do for now. Anyways, I live in San Francisco now, if ya didn't know hahaha, and it's pretty weird. I mean right now it's midnight and I'm in my living room drinking some calming tea and listening to Twin Peaks...IN MY OWN PLACE!?!??! WEEEIIIRDDD. Also, I'm pretty glad I got an apartment instead of a normal dorm (which was my first preference) because I would just feel claustrophobic and I wouldn't be able to hang out alone, y'know??? It's awesome being able to be alone. I realized this entire summer I got so used to being alone and not having to communicate with anyone so these days have been filled with anxiety honestly. It just gets too much when I'm around crowded people trying not to make eye contact, hahaha. But I feel fine now, I think I just have to keep myself busy and I'm good!!!
Well, I just needed to get this all out and placed in my blog. I hope you all are having wonderful days!! =^^=
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