So, as I have mentioned I got to see the wonderful Best Coast, WAVVES, and Cherry Glazerr this week, and man, oh man, was that a fun and beautiful night. First, Cherry Glazerr was so cool and the lead singer is so cute!!! And they're all the same age as me....LIKE WHAT!!!! But it was so awesome to see them and sing about grilled cheese. Then we've got WAVVES, who were so COOL and Nathan Williams is a tooootal babe, he definitely has made it on my list. Screaming out the lyrics with people who knew the lyrics, too, made such an awesome energy, it was just....AWESOME. Best Coast was obviously SO BEAUTIFUL. Bethany is also such a babe (UHHHH SHE'S DATING NATHAN, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!!) and California Nights was so magical live and I realized they have so many songs about California and I was in love because I am in love with California and I loved everything about this night AND AAAHHHH!! Honestly, if you're ever able to see any of these bands live, do it, just do it.
Here are a few pictures of SUMMER IS FOREVER II!!!!
Cherry Glazerr.
Best Coast.
Since Best Coast is always singing about the west coast, more specifically CALIFORNIA, it made me want to talk about how much I love it here. Lately, I have been noticing that I just LOVE where I live. I always knew I wanted to stay in California in the future, but now I'm just piling up reasons why I want that. Obviously, I want to visit other places, but this is my home. My family is here, it's beautiful, "we've got the oceans, got the babes, got the sun, we've got the waves" how could I ever want to leave?!?!? So here are a few pictures of this beautiful state of mine with some beautiful people in no order, from the last two years:
 Joshua Tree National Park w/ my sister Part 1.
 Salvation Mountain w/ my sister and her friends.
 Somewhere in San Francisco Part 1.
 Sutro Baths Part 1.
 Land's End.
 Sutro Baths Part 2 w/ Mal.
 Somewhere in my hometown.
 Pacific Coast Highway.
  Somewhere in San Francisco Part 2
 Dolores Park.
 Clarion Alley.
  Somewhere in San Francisco Part 3.
 Vantage Point.
  Somewhere in San Francisco Part 4 w/ Karl Lo.
 Somewhere in the mountains.
 Joshua Tree National Park Part 2 w/ family.
 Palm Springs.
Huntington beach w/ Bread and Karl Lo.
So there's a little peek of where I have been in California and places you should visit as well if you've never been!! I'm sure you could find this beauty in any other places, but California clearly has a special place in my heart. Hope you all are well =^^=
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