going gets tuff

I've always promoted accepting oneself and other's, but on another level, I think it's also important to accept sadness within ourself and our community. I've dealt with sadness in various ways, but lately I began to think about how it will always be around us...and that's okay, even though it sucks.
Here are some collages I created that sort of represent the paragraph above it. Above: The collage has blue all around it, but in the middle is what we are..still bright even with the blue.
I like to think of myself as a cheery person. I try my best to not get sucked into one of my famous funks and just fucking live my life man. I always think about how we don't know what happens after we die, so we really need to take advantage of what we are..right now. I don't want to live my life thinking it sucks and being sad because I've been there and it's not fun. What's even worse is having the people I love be sad and perhaps miserable. That's what's been getting me down.
We're all blue at some point in our lives.
I know we can't all be happy all the time, I've accepted that, but it's just so hard not to be upset and angry at the fact that life creates sadness and it comes around whenever it wants to!!! It's so hard for me to understand that we can't all be happy because I want my family, friends, you guys, EVERYONE to be so very happy and to live their/your lives to the fullest and experience everything...but this just isn't possible.
Some people I found in a magazine that seem to be living their lives and being so very successful.
It's obviously not anyone's fault that sadness likes to peek through everyone's lives. No one can help it, but let it into their experiences. Any kind of sadness shouldn't be taken lightly. Every feeling is so damn important and should be addressed with acceptance.
Different emotions.
Y'know, sometimes you just have to think: LIFE SUCKS, and move on. Because it is difficult, but I like to think the universe and Mother Nature wouldn't give us something we can't handle. I always want to promote positivity, but I also want to express that life can be very tough, but we can go through it. Love you guys =^^=
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