Let It Happen

Got my disposable developed (and it will be my last because they SUCK) finally and it pretty much sums up my first year of college! ~*~*~*EEENNJOOYYYY*~*~*~*
Summer is Forever II 
 Zoe's 19th in Downtown SF (started pouring on us)
 Some fun nights in my dorm.
 "It's pouring rain...wanna go to In-N-Out?" "...sure."
  Some fun nights in my dorm.
 Two beeaaauuutiful women at the Venice Canals.
 Shitty pictures of Julissa, Bread, Karl Lo, and I hanging out.
 Cruisin' around.
 SWMRS/The Frights show.
 Roughly 13 girls at the muni station.
 Ocean Beach.
  Some fun nights in Sarrita's dorm.
 Dolores Park.
 Chinatown/Little Italy trip.
 Santa Cruz Trip.
 Jess and Sarrita.
Love u aaallll!!! =^^=
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