got some big ~*~*~*feelings**~*~*~

"Don't use the word foreveeerrrr." These type of lyrics always catch my attention. Questions convert into thoughts, "wait...why!?!??! WHY NOT USE THE TERM 'FOREVER' JAMES BLAKE?!?!!? TELL ME!!!" aaannndddd it creates a thought cloud in my head...leading into a post:
Isn't music awesome?!?! I probably talk about music way too much (anyone catch this song reference ;;;;)))))) on here, but c' is SO COOL when lyrics make you feel SOMETHING. Words!!! Voices!!!! That somebody created!!!! With their own brain!!!! This piece of artwork fills you up with some sort of emotion because you just feeeeellll the artist's heart through your ears. Too cool.
I just think we all really need to take a moment right now and listen to a song we all cry to or feel some sort of big emotion when it goes through our tunnels of ears. Here's a (VERY SMALL) playlist of my emotional songs that always makes my beautiful heart feel somethin'!!

(sorry if you cant play Beyonce's 'All Night', but if ya haven't heard it..PLSSS LISTEN TO IT. So good)
This post was created when listening to James Blake's and Birdy's new albums because THEY. ARE. TOO. GOOD. and make me ~*~*~**~*~feel things~*~*~*~*. =^^= (OH, WHAT SONGS MAKE U FEEL THINGS?!!??! PLS COMMENT THEM!!! I'M NOSEY AND WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS :-))
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