time away from home

alright, alright. let's do this whole catching up thing before i even begin my 'what i'm doing now' posts. 
I started therapy at school. Yup, it finally happened. It's not 'permanent' therapy, like going every week at a certain place. More like, every 2-3 weeks to a school therapist, but the man helped a buuunnnccchhhh. I'm still thinking about going to a certain place, but I haven't been convinced and I just haven't put the time in. Anyways, he taught me about writing in my daily lists on things to do for ME, tell myself "leave yourself alone" when i'm criticizing myself, realizing that i criticize myself too much, start meditation, etc. I'll probably do a post about it soon, but yeah! It's helped a lot and I'm feeling better, but really my lil episodes come randomly and i'm not sure when they'll stop.
I also saw The Orwells and The Growlers and got reminded that I fucking love school, which i will also make another post about...hopefully.
Don't think anything really vital happened this month, but I got to see Hinds and Twin Peaks (which was literally SOOOO fun, listen to them, and go to one of their shows. Twin Peaks will never disappoint and Hinds was just as fun) and The Walters with Summer Salt, who were also so fuckinnnnn fun, man. Got to see some cute butterflies, too, at the Conservatory of Flowers and skated!
Mostly stressing about school, since finals! I got four A's and one friggin B, but I'm pretty proud of myself!! Skated some more. Visited Berkeley, got to see Girlpool, went home (like, SoCal), and got new roller skates!
Now it's June..and it's weird. I'm not home. I'm not sitting on my ass all day. I'm not with my family. I'm actually in San Francisco, working my ass off for a few good hours Monday-Friday. I'll be back in SoCal in July for a few trips, then back up here in August for a new semester. I'm trying to be very productive this summer, but it's also hard when work tires you out and you just want to sleep. I'm going to try very hard to read (currently reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey), blog more, and meditate every (other) day. We shall see what's to come. Hope u guys are doing well and talk to ya soon!
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