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CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER AND I'M SO EXCITED. But my family doesn't really celebrate, like, any holidays, really. It's weird, but it doesn't really affect me, my mom still cooks (˘‿˘ʃƪ) BUT I do love the feeling of holidays, especially Christmas. It has been super cold, for L.A., and I'm LAAAAAAALAAAAAAVING IT. 
Yesterday was my sister's birthday and she is now 22, which is completely crazy. We're getting older and it's weird. I just want to say that I am so proud of what she has accomplished and am so glad she will always be there to nag at me. She has helped me through school and I appreciate it greatly, love ya Gnat!!!!! 
Sorry, I just have to share that I have had a realization that since The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to Sex & the City, present Carrie ends up with Big and Sebastian isn't Big sO CARRIE AND SEBASTIAN WILL NEVER BE TOGETHER. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE CARRIE AND SEBASTIAN ARE NOT TOGETHER. 
As you can see, I get into shows, strongly.
It rained today and it was great. I love wearing coats, I just feel all cool and ~*~*~*~*~trendy~*~**~*~. I really want to go to New York. It looks so cool and pretty and awesome. Sigh, maybe one day.
// coat - mom // sweater - thrifted // shirt - target // skirt - thrifted // tights - my sister // socks - topshop // jujus - aa // lipstick - MAC matte viva glam //
We got our Christmas tree today!!!!!!! It is so fun picking out a tree and decorating it. Winter makes me very happy and very comfortable..??? It is the simple things that I very much enjoy:
  • sitting at my desk
  • looking at my notes on my whiteboard
  • "Maybe he'll hot dog your keyhole."
  • writing with my one direction pens on my one direction notepad
  • looking at my harry styles cutout
  • finishing my homework
  • hearing a laugh
  • the feeling after cleaning
  • facetiming someone for over an hour 
  • talking to the members of the flower power bitches
  • wrapping a present
And a lot more!!!!!!
I DYED A STRIP OF MY HAIR BLONDE. VERY BLONDE. I think it looks very cool and I can't wait to dye it different colors. It's going to look totally ~**~*~~RAD*~*~*~*~*~ I love doing new things or adding something to my look. I don't know if that makes sense, ahahahahha. It is 1 AM and I wish I could pour more of my thoughts but I am brain dead. Hope you all have had a great weekend =^^=

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