Hello blogger babez!!!!! I am currently alone in my bedroom because my little brother is off in Washington D.C. :-( Every year his school takes a trip to D.C. and when I was his age I wasn't able to go so I am extremely jealous/bitter. Although (bitterness approaching), it is unfair that he got to go and I didn't...I was not going to let my selfishness ruin his 8th grade year. Many people have said the trip is a moment you will never forget because you learn about all the monumental things in D.C. then actually get to visit them, like how frickin' cool is that?!?!?!?!?! Learning about a specific thing and then getting to see it in person is the best/coolest feeling ever. I remember taking a trip to Chapman University and they have a piece of the Berlin Wall and I just felt chills all over when I saw it with my own eyes because that wall has so many historical memories, it's insane.
This weekend I realized I am not a talker/good person to get comfortable with. If I meet a new person, I am awkward as heck and I can't help it. I can be outgoing, but if they keep trying to talk to me, I try to push them away because I can feel my awkwardness rising into my brain. Once you get to know me, I can talk for hours, but if you're new to me...try to get to know me step-by-step...veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy sloooooowllllllyyyyyyy.
// my outfit: jacket - thrifted // shirt - Florida shop // shorts - thrifted // shoes - H&M// fanny pack - SNCKPCK // my sister's outfit: jacket - thrifted // shirt - Forever21 // pants - thrifted // shoes - thrifted//
Here is my sister and I lookin' frickin' cuuuuute!!!!!!! It is sometimes fun having her around, but not so fun when we get into a fight. I hate having to make up because I always feel a bit of anger left and I just don't want to forgive so easily. I can hold a grudge for a very long time if I really believe I should keep it. I also realized that I can confront people so easily, but I choose not to because it is either not-so serious or because I know it isn't worth it. BUT, if I know it is time to release my anger towards something, I will do it. I kind of think that I have a "woah, she's complicated" feeling when someone meets me because I feel like I am complicated!!! I think too much, ramble when I don't need to, get angry at little things that shouldn't be bothering me, THINK TOO MUCH. Maybe that's why people don't approach me...? Well, who cares, I have got enough people around me to keep me sane.
I recently ordered a fanny pack about a week ago and it finally came!!!!!! It is branded with a musician/author/artist/motivational speaker guy named SnckPck (real name: Daniel Alexander). He is a very cool dude who spreads positive vibezz everyday and really just makes you feel the warmth of living everyday. You guys should definitely check him ouuuut!!!! (twitter and website here) Yes, I am currently working on bringing back the fanny pack, but I don't know why it left!!!! It is so handy and looks super cute (if you have the right outfit). I also went back to the cute little Japanese store, Daiso, and bought moooore socksssss, a little fish purse, and a dust plugger.
I am currently thinking about myself. How great I feel about myself and how far I have come from my not-so wonderful days. I have learned a lot and am so proud that I got through those tough times where I thought I was some weird, dumb kid. I used not be able to think about myself on the way to L.A. or something because I would just name all the bad things about myself and how annoying my problems were. It would bring me down a lot and I just would want to start crying, but now..I don't even think of any of that. Today on my way to dropping my sister off at her apartment, I started thinking how I really am, emotionally, and all I can think of was great and nothing bad, whatsoever. Getting through your mental problems is such an accomplishment, I feel, and I think more people should be proud of how far they have come along.
I hope you all have a fantastic night =^^=

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