It's International Woman's Day today and I thought I would share the beauty of different women that I know in my life. I asked each of them to share a selfy that they love and feel good in. Each of them have such great beauty and are such fantastic human beings. Some I have known for a while and others I've met online and each are so unique and so beautiful. Self love is something that should be advertised. Self love helps people become happy. Self love is a majestic thing. I hope you all have obtained it or will one day. Remember that you are an "adorable, smart stairway to heaven."Always celebrate yourself and all women because we all gotta stick together!!! (starts singing "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical) (credits to Leslie Knope for some of the compliments and the idea of it)
Arleen, you wild, majestic giraffe.
Nataly, you elegant, tiny health monster.
Dana, you transcendent, little seahorse.
Steph, you spectacular cloud of brilliance.
 Priyanka, you gorgeous, strong ice sculptor.
Julissa, you delicious stack of pizza.
Karl Lo, you fluorescent lightbulb of weirdness.
Val, you priceless, expensive gem.
Zoe, you beautiful moonlight.
Vanessa, you're wonderful and you're delightful.
Brianna, you flawless apple pie.
Geraldine, you attractive, brilliant butterfly.
Mia, you sarcastic, fantastic sports car.
Abbey, you good-looking national park.
Brianna, you magnificent tree of life.

Thank you to all the angels above who participated in my little project. You all are tru gal pals and I cannot thank you enough. (♥◠‿◠) 
Alright, well here's my little speech that I thought I should share: You all have probably heard of feminism, whether in good light or bad. Either way, I would like to say -- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. This is so important these days because of the amount of coverage different topics are getting in social media, where people get most of their information from (And it isn't a bad thing at all!). It is SO important for you to look up definitions and basic details about certain things and not get it all from the people you follow on twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc. They may be right, they may be saying the correct thing, BUT if you are going to stand by their opinion, you gotta do your own research as well. I have encountered people who do not believe in feminism because they've heard it's "man hating" and full of "girls who just want to complain," which is NOT AT ALL what it is. International Women's Day is celebrating the bravery women have gone through throughout the years. They're getting recognition. We should all definitely be celebrating the women in our lives everyday, but it's good to have a day dedicated just for women. Feminism promotes that. It promotes the beauty and greatness of every colored, disabled, shape/size, and/or in the LGBT community woman. Feminism is supposed to be a positive, wonderful thing and everybody should know that!!! 
Happy International Women's Day!!! Spend the day pampering yourself and eating your favorite foods and just do what makes you happy. You all are such a great people and I hope you have or find happiness in your life. 

It's definitely difficult to finally be happy in your own skin. We all have felt down about ourselves at some point, but at the end of it all, even if you haven't reached it yet, we begin to love ourselves and are happy with how things are. Don't put yourself down. Don't give up. You all will do such great things in life. "All is well." - J.K. Rowling. Thank you =^^=
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