I'm telling you, I LOVE cheesy stuff. Dumb teen/romantic movies, inspirational quotes/speeches, music lyrics, jokes, just everything!! I find them all so entertaining and fun and so simple, it's just great. I get so inspired when I'm watching a dumb youtube video and then all of a sudden the youtuber puts in an speech about them growing into the person they want to be or finally figuring out their purpose in life or something like that and I just LOVE it. Those teen movies that have the same plot as every other teen movie make me want to become that main character, in a positive way, for example, getting outfit inspiration from them or wanting to become more of an open person or needing a change, etc. I get so motivated by such simple things, and I absolutely love myself for that. Everyday if I just watch a youtube video it gives me energy to want to continue doing something or try something new, no matter what it is. Before typing this I watched a youtube video and just got the idea to write about my adoration towards cheesy things. Getting ideas for blogposts, even if it's just for a little paragraph, is SO fun for me because I get to express my brain in my own words without anyone telling me anything!! It's such a..rush for me, I can't get enough of this.
Here's an outfit of the daaay, celebrating me FIINNAALLLY getting my license!!!! 
// white long sleeve - thrifted // dress - thrifted // shoes - some knock-off shoe store // buttons - eBay, DIY gift, Burger Records, concert find //
This paragraph above kind of makes me think I'm a pretty passionate person. Whenever someone brings up a band or movie I love, I go absolutely crazy!!! Because I love things so much!!! I love talking about my views and my outfits and my collection of movies/music and I love introducing them all to people, it makes me want to scream (and I actually do scream)!!!! Since moving to SF and hanging with a (kinda) different group of people, I've been asked THE SAME question almost everyday, "WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!?!?!?" And all I could is, "I DON'T KNOW, LEAVE ME BEEEE!!!" But now..I think I get why I scream (other than the family genetics), because of that passion. That passion of talking about Harry Potter and how to make buttons and how flippin' CCCUUTTTEEE that dress is. I can't get enough of the things I love!!!! And, again, I love myself for that. I love that I scream in the middle of conversations (even though my friends probably hate it). I love that I can talk about the things I love for HOURS on end. It's great. I bet this is most people, but noticing it has given me motivation. What are your passions!?!? What do you guys love!?!?! I would LOOVEEE to know!!!! =^^=
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