Hello fantastic people! Like I said on my last post, I started my junior year! First week was not all that great. I had my first school meltdown. ON THE FIRST WEEK. Although, it was not about school work, it was just about myself. Sometimes I disappoint myself..a lot. I wish things, but don't do them. I also like to pretend I don't care what people think about me and go my own way, but deep deep deep inside..I am not that person...YET. I am working on it, I don't know if pretending to not care is helping, but it is the best I can do. I sound like some annoying teenager, ugh. WELL, recently I have been OBSESSED with Oreos and Bed & Body Works' lotion Sweet Peony Dream. Ahhh, it makes me feel like I am in a dream. It smells amazing. Oh and here's my ugly to-do list for this weekend (trying to practice my cursive..ehhhhh)!

Oreos and milk in my One Direction cup. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh.

Oh...and...yeah....I have been watching Teen Wolf. I am on season 3 in 1 week. I KNOWWW, it is such a teenager show, but I don't know why I started watching. The first season totally sucked, the fighting and flying parts looked totally fake, but I think the cute guys on the show helps A LOT. I sincerely do not know why I kept going, but now my heart is ripped into pieces because of it. I do not recommend this show to everyone because it is such a teen show, but hey if you want to start watching a cheesy show, this one is for you!!!!! I usually don't watch shows like these, but hey, I am a teenager okkkk.

This is my outfit for today! These pictures are quite crappy because my brother took them (he literally is THE worst picture-taker ever). These are actually pretty okay for his ability. 

Life lesson I learned this week timeeeee: Recently one of my favorite youtubers made a video about having hope (watch here). She explained how when she was a teenager, she felt so low and useless and there were a group of girls that would bully her. She then said to her viewers "things get better". Now, this quote just never..I never really believed it. It sounds cheesy and only follows through with celebrities or people in that case. But, when she said it, it seemed like she was sincerely saying it to me. I have had some rough times so far in high school because of my individuality and loneliness and sometimes I don't feel like being on Earth. So, when she said it, stared into the camera and said it, I cried. I just cried. I felt like someone has finally kind of understood me and finally cared, I guess. I know I have someone in my life that cares for me so much and has helped me a lot..like A LOT, but I don't know. This was a different feeling because I didn't know her and it was a different person telling me some advice, y'know? I love my sister for helping through all of these weird feelings and I appreciate her so much, but I don't know how to explain it. I just felt so inspired by her and I love her for that. I hope things do get better with my mind set and all and hopefully, I will feel completely enlightened one day. Hopefully, things do get better for me.

// necklace-Forever21 // striped crop top-H&M // jean dress-thrifted // shoes-my sister/Urban Outfitters I think??? //

I quite liked today's outfit even though I only went to In-N-Out today. Hahhhhh. I really need to make more outfits like these because I feel like my mojo for outfits has been pretty low.

School education has been pretty okay. I am really trying my best this year and so far its been okay. I have felt stressed already, but I know it is going to go so much farther than that. It is week three of junior year and hopefully it will be a great week, for you and for me! Love youuu =^^=

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