Well, hello there!! Man, oh, man. This weekend has been one of the best weekends in my life. Like I said, in my last post, I was going to go to VidCon (a YouTube Convention) this weekend and it was incredible. There are no words to justify how great those two days were. Not only was it because I met some of my favorite youtubers, but I also got to hang out with awesome people and inhale the fun YouTube environment. It was amazing knowing the people around me were here for the same reason i was! There were so many people dressed up in costumes and so many genuine, cool people (A.K.A. Doctor Who fans/Supernatural fans/etc.). Now I do not want to fill this post with youtubers I met because I am guessing more than half you don't even watch YouTube videos so here are some pictures I took of some things around the convention!
These were out pimped out tags! We had to carry them at all times or we cannot get in anywhere. They were literally gold at this convention. We had to put our name, I put 'Josselyn Palm Tree' (reason is because my last name means palm tree), our channel/company, if we had one, and what our passion was, which I put 'sleeping with ice cream' because I love ice cream, of course. 

This was part of the convention. It was at a sort of shopping center. It looked like a place where there would be a lot stores, but there wasn't. It just had a hotel, food court, and the convention center, which is like a big building with all sorts of rooms. 

Here is a picture with my fish eye lens of the room where all kinds of booths were open and the signings were. My fish eye lens is kinda crappy. :/

Basically what we did half the time was wait in line to meet our favorite youtubers. It was like being at Disneyland. The lines were suuuuuuper long, especially because our favorites were very internet famous, but it was worth it. Now I had always said, "Why do people cry when they meet youtubers? They're just people?" And now I understand. I met Shane Dawson on the second day of VidCon. He is a very famous youtuber and is very funny. If you do not like spoofs of music videos, check out his daily vlog channel, which are my favorites! After I met him, I totally felt like crying! I really do not know why, it was just, he was so nice and very thankful and I don't know. I was just so happy, he seemed genuinely happy to meet his viewers. I was just SO happy and tears were forming, I don't know! Anyways, half of the time, we would be walking around looking for youtubers and taking pictures! It seems kind of simple, but no, there was a lot to do and not enough time. I was so sad when day 2 ended, but it was a total blast! I am planning on coming back next year because it was that great! 

I hope, this wasn't too boring for some of you who don't even like youtubers! I just like blogging about what I have done so, when I am older, I can look back on my teenage years ≧◠◡◠≦ 

OH, this Thursday, I will be going to THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!! I have literally been waiting over a year for this day so, I am SUUUPER excited! Well, I hope all of you had a great Monday =^^=
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