Well, hello there beautiful people! Hope you all have a good week, I have had a pretty busy/tiring week. I started volunteering at an elementary school for community service and I have to hang out with second/first graders and kindergarteners for 3 hours, 3 days a week. It's pretty fun, I really like doing it so far, but it's very tiring. Today was the busiest day and man do these kids get wild for free play. It's fun to be around them because they're so carefree and don't have a single worry in their little bones. All they want is snack time and free play. It's quite a simple and very important part in one's life because I mean, it's where you learn everything you need to set yourself in life! And here comes my morbid thoughts: it is quite upsetting, too because the world then comes crashing into their lives over the years and burns that carefree personality y'know? I know, I'm crazy, but it's true, isn't? 
WELL, let's move on. Last Saturday, I was able to experience Vampire Weekend in concert. They were so amazing and cute, makes me smile every time I think about it!!!!!! I love them oh so much and could possibly choose them as my favorite band of ALL TIME & that's pretty tough to get in my standards. If you do not listen to 'V-Dub', as I like to call them, then you're at a lost, really. 
I also wore my over-alls to the concert and to school and pimped it out with my buttons. Thought it looked pretty wicked.
I am still working on the wall, it's coming together, slowly, but surely!!!!!
Here's a close-up to my pins!!!! I mostly get them at flea markets, ebay, and concerts. Cheap and cute!!!!!!!
Now, I am in a club called "Vintage Culture Club" and we basically learn about all things vintage! It's pretty rad and I shall get into this club a little more in detail later because I am planning on getting a little insight on the club next weekend, so I shall post that then! BUT this is what we did on our last meeting! We made cute little homemade buttons and this one is mine! I'm pretty proud on how it came out. Usually things like these come out like crap to me, ahahahaha. If you do not know who these people are then shame on you, but they're from an 80s movie called "Pretty in Pink". UGHHHH, SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. (go watch it) (oh and here's the club's blog, if by any chance you want something to read)
The president of Vintage Culture club is a wicked person and she made me this mixed CD!!!!!! She's one of the coolest people I know and this is the most cutest CD I have everrrrrr received!!!! If ya wanna check her ouuuut, she just made a blog recently!
Below is the tracklist if you're interested in looking for new music! It's a pretty rad tracklist so I recommend you to look up the songs!
I absolutely LUVVVV making CDs for others also, so if you ever want new music and would like me to send you one, I'd be more than happy to do so!!!!!!
Lesson/thought of the week: Typing this will make me more depressed and make me over-think, but I need to let it all out. UGHHHH. My mind is so annoying. I over-think waaaaaay too much to the point where I sound crazy. I have had people give me crazy looks because of me telling them my thoughts and it's not a good feeling. I know, I really don't care what they personally think, but just the fact that I have had more than 2 people look at me crazy for my thoughts makes me quite insecure about 'em. Thing is, they aren't like murderous, scary thoughts, they're more like "...you totally over-thought that and need to shut up" type of thing y'know? Okay, like I sometimes over-exaggerate things or think over the norm. I don't know how to explain it, but I have realized I have become insecure over them and it's so irritating. Do I need to stop sharing them? Should I just stop letting people enter my thoughts? I don't like this feeling, but I don't know how to make it better. Suggestions would be verrrrrry helpful. (Please don't think I'm crazy, oh please please please.)
Well, I hope you all have an awesome weekend, I shall go re-think my life now!!!! Hahahahha =^^=
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