Hello there beautiful people! I have two outfit posts that I have not uploaded and I am very upset about that. I haven't had the time to blog because stressful AP classes :-( BUT here I am, blogging, where as, I should be studying, hm. This outfit is from today, but I do have another from Tuesday, but I decided to upload this one first because if you do not know the occasion of October 3 -- it was when AMERICAN HORROR STORY'S NEW SEASON CAME OUT. It was SUCH an exciting night, AHS is such a genius show I love it. Great thing about it is that you don't need to watch the previous seasons to get caught up. Every season has a different story line, but with the same actors, it's pretty smart. Not only did AHS come out this week, but Supernatural came out on Tuesday!!!!!! If any of you remember I did talk about the show on a previous post  and it's crazy how season 9 has already come out! AHHHHH! SO many new seasons. INCLUDING THE WALKING DEAD THIS SUNDAY. Woah. This week has been awesome. Kind of. I have a lot of stress in class, too. Pretty busy week. ANYWAYS, let's move on. 
This outfit is kind of inspired by the first episode of the new season of AHS. There was a scene where they wore all black and looked. Bad. Ass. So jealous of how bad ass they looked (I really wish I was known as a bad ass person :( ). So, I took it upon myself to dress in a lot of black with a cute Christmas/grandpa sweater.
// sweater - Buffalo Exchange // tail dress - H&M // knee high soxx - I honestly don't know, but you can get them anywhere. // high tops - Kohl's // red lipstick - Kate Moss #10 //

It looked much more cynical and dark in person, in my opinion.

OOOOOO. This weekend (or last weekend) I went to The Grove for the second time in my whole life, even though I have lived in SoCal my entire life, and we went inside Topshop. That place is like a beautiful hell. I wanted EVERYTHING, but the trick is..everything is literally SOOOOOOOOO ridiculously expensive. I felt like crying, I had to leave. Although, we did go inside the most crappiest, smallest Forever21 store I have ever seen and I bought a pair of cute mid-rings. Very cute. Thought they looked fantastic with my outfit.
(UCLA soxxx woohooo, supporting my sister lolll) I babysat today. This little girl is a ball of weird sunshine. She loves to scream at Dora and stare, drooling, at Lalaloopsy. I figured out that it is much more difficult taking care of one kid than 15 kids. I hang out with a class of 2nd graders three days a week and take care of this little munchkin 2 times a week. It's quite a shift because she's younger and only watches television and my 2nd graders are full blasts of sunshine that love to pretend to get hurt to get attention. They both require lots of attention, but somehow they're both very different. I love them both oh so dearly. Sometimes I loooooooove taking care of kids, but other times..well..y'know how it is. Maybe all of this hanging out with children can lead to my official career? But elementary school teachers don't earn much money, but I DON'T KNOW. Thinking about my future gives me a headache ~_~
Hope you all have a great Friday! =^^=
P.S. The Flower Power Bitches shall be meeting this Saturday and I am SOOOO excited to get the segment started. It's going to be so much fun, hopefully the introduction will be up on Sunday!!!!!

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