By Ourselves

We're all tired. Tired of seeing black bodies being thrown away constantly. A dead black person is becoming a normality and that is NOT okay.

We're protesting.

We're voting.

We're educated.

We're donating.

Now what?

What's next on the agenda? What else can we REALLY do to actually change what is happening? Being social activists online is amazing, wonderful, and should definitely be encouraged, but...what else?!?!?!!? Retweeting things isn't going to change the fact that police are killing people because of the color of their skin.
Not my image, please let me know if you know who's it is!!
Melody of themellowpeach made a post about having to be in charge. Being part of the people who have power, who are in actual politics, who are in the government. We need to become that power in order to truly change what is going on or else...we're just going to stick with hashtags and trends and donating and protesting, but nothing is going to change until someone with power decides to join #blacklivesmatter and begin their quest to end police brutality and all things that are unfair. Doesn't it suck that only the elite can actually help us?
We do have voices. We can have the power to change. But sitting behind a screen isn't going to help people of color and everyone else who is being mistreated because of who they are...which sucks because THAT'S ALL MOST OF US CAN DO!!
Teen Vogue page, March issue.
I am in no way criticizing anyone's way of becoming educated and how they're preaching because I am doing the same exact thing. All we can do right now is stay educated and be compassionate and show others compassion and watch out for our privilege, or else you're part of the problem. Staying educated won't help directly, but by doing that (staying educated), you're not being ignorant and walking around like nothing is happening and everything is perfect.
We need to recognize that some of us have it better than others, because if you're not realizing that then you're not helping the cause. I'm not saying your problems are less important than other's, but just look around you.
Thought I'd give my piece because of all what is happening. It's very important to know what's going on, EVERYWHERE in the world. Turmoil isn't only happening in the United States, but also El Salvador, Turkey, Armenia, U.K., etc., etc., etc., Basically the world sucks and all we can do is stay educated or be brave and join the elite. =^^=
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