Creatives of Colo(u)r

A couple weeks back, Jacky from tweexicana came to me with this awesome idea and we discussed how it can be difficult to find POC in the media. When she brought this up, I looked through my following and many of them were people I couldn't relate to and I never even noticed it. She created this idea to begin this group of all kinds of different people that we may not be able to find so quickly. I sometimes had a hard time finding POC so it's pretty cool to be part of a page that can make that process a lot quicker. We can feel sort of isolated if we are not surrounded by people who we can relate to so hopefully these group of people can help create a feeling of a beautiful community.

We're called Creatives of Colo(u)r and here are the members of it so far!! If you'd like to join please please send in an email at

Jacky | Xicana from Austin, Texas | She/Her
Hey, y’all! I’m Jacky, an international relations student currently trying to survive university. I love 80/90’s indie pop, activism, rollerskating, writing, and learning about different cultures.
Zoe | From London, from Jamaica | She/Her
Heya! I’m Zoe and I’m just a purple-hued gal navigating her way through reality. I like to write, read and create beautiful things.
Zaynab | From London, from Nigeria & Uganda| She/Her
Hey! I’m Zaynab an indecisive libra and feminist. I love clothes, alt rock and art in all its forms and I also enjoy dancing badly around my room to my Spotify playlists and reading pretty words (future english lit student everyone).
Josselyn | Salvadoreña from Orange County, now in SF | She/Her
Hello! I’m Josselyn, a 19 year old who’s trying to figure out how to reach fulfillment in life. I think way too much, love to talk about music, drink too much cheap coffee, and ramble a lot!
Melody | British Nigerian from Kent | She/Her
Hey all! I’m Melody. A girl who tries to stay as peachy as possible whilst writing, reading and growing myself through creating as much art as possible. I enjoy listening to cool music, teen films from the twentieth century and denim.
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