Well, hello there again! I thought I would share my outfit of the day because I thought it was preeeeeeetty great. Except, I chose to take laptop photobooth and they are pretty crappy. BUT you can still see the outfit soooo yeah! 

// dress - thrift store (I think I actually stole it from my sister, but it'll be gone soon, tear.) // polka-dot red thigh highs - Forever 21 (from like 10 years ago) // black oxfords - Forever 21 // red lipstick - Kate Moss #10 //

LOOK HOW PRETTY THE BACK IS. Although, my ugly undershirt had to ruin the beauty, I couldn't find my prettier one :(

LESSON OF THE DAY: Yesterday, I had some sort of meltdown. I always have this thought in the back of my head saying that I am gaining weight and people around me can see it. I honestly don't care about my weight and if I did, I would change it for me. Not for the people around me. But yesterday I kind of thought my parents thought I was getting fat. I know, they don't care about my weight, only how happy and healthy I am. I just have these stupid thoughts in my head that tell me "Hey, your parents think you're fat." "Hey, lol @ people noticing you got fat over the summer." I just want to yell "SHUT UP" because I don't care and it's not true. I still fit in the same clothes and if I didn't, I am a teenager going through teenage phases, like c'mon. My mind just plays tricks on me and it suxxxx. I wish I could stop it, but somehow they just come seeping through again and again and again. Now, if you feel you have gained weight and want to lose weight, make sure it is not because of people thinking you're fat. Lose weight because YOU want to and because YOU want to look better for YOURSELF. Always think about what YOU want, not others.

Alright, hope you all have had a dandy day! =^^=

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