Hello Q-T pieeees!!! Hope you all are having a fantastic week so farrr! I am actually going on a field trip to a university tomorrow and I am super excited because no school for the whole day!!!!!!!!!! Excites me so much. Especially because this field trip is for 2 of my AP classes so I will not be missing much school work, eeeeeeee!!!! 
Just wanted to share that I am in an art class, basic art, nothing special at all. For the past 2 weeks we've been drawing a self portrait and it is soooooo funny looking at other's (and mine of course). One guy made himself look like a Meme Drake (and he didn't mean to) (if you don't know what the Meme Drake looks like, here is an example, classic). I shall show you mine soon because I want to take a more recent picture of, but DISCLAIMER: it looks like me, but it looks like crap, y'know? Y'all are going to laugh once you see it. Ahhhhh, the cold weather has finally begun and I am feeling felíz!!!! So, I decided to wear a turtle neck today and it was verrrry uncomfortable, but cozzzzy.
I liked to put the neck part over my face because it made me feel mysterious and ninja-like~*~*~*~*~
//turtle neck long sleeve - my sister // skirt - cotton on // tights - my drawer // Harry Styles look-a-like boots - Forever 21 // 'Get Bent' pin - Marina & the Diamonds //
GUESSSS WHAT I RECENTLY GOT!!!!! YES, YES. ALEXA CHUNG'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, 'IT'. AHGHGDJWJKE. It is the epitome of all autobiographies. She talks fashion/music/karaoke/getting dressed in the morning/horses/iconic people/etc. AGHHHHHH. I have been waiting to get it and I finally have it and I am SUUUPER happy. If you are a fashion person, I guess, or just love Alexa Chung<<<<<<<<<THIS BOOK IS 4 U. (SUCH A PRETTY COVER TOO)
 Here is a page I sent to my sister, thinking, yes. Yes, when she turns 24, (because she turns that age sooner than I) she must do this. And it just reminded me of her for some reason. Ms. Chung is a perfect human being/genius. Thanx Nat, for making me watch "It's On With Alexa Chung" because I would have never been able to encounter her wonderful-ness without you.
SO, Rookie posted a blogpost today on a DIY for photoshoots with your pet!!! EEEE, it was so cute. So, I decided I HAAAAADDD to do it with my fat lard of a bunny. Now, she isn't very kind, especially with her claws and when she gets scared...she poops. So, I got the set ready, wanted to make it seem like she was at a little old fashion party with some freeeendzzzz. I even put a little, I guess, 'victorian' hat on her..and it was very difficult. Yup, she pooped. On my UCLA sweater and my PJs and I was very very very upset....BUT I GOT A PICTURE. 
Awwwwww, she is so cute. She is irritating but such a cute fatty. What a beaaaut. (Her name is Ellie BTW) (Funny story: the guy we bought her from told us she was a guy so we named her Elvis. Later on, I felt nipples so I was like "Uhhhhh, I think he's a girl" and so we turned 'Elvis' into 'Ellie' and then later we found out both male and female bunnies have nipples so were just confused, but we then found out he/she/he/she is a girl. Oh Ellie.)
Down below is where she started running away.....
Sigh, oh family. What ya gonna do. Well, that'll be all for tonight, it is 11:05 and I should be sleeping, but I needed to do a blogpost before ahhahahaha. Hope you all have a great rest of the week, byeeee!!! =^^=

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