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HELLOOOO EVERYONE. I am sorry I have not blogged a lot recently, I have just been a trance with One Direction. They had so much going on this weekend, which meant I had to be updated every second, the usual. I spent my whole Saturday watching a 7 hour livestream they did with my good friend and it was great. Yes, it was 7 hours and we watched it all and it was very, very, VERY fun. One Direction are fantastic, c'mon now. Literally, this weekend was all about One Direction (and my sister coming over) and I don't even remember what I did. I thought today was Sunday when I began this post, oh dear. Well, I did get to shop this weekend and I got this cute jacket (below), another jacket, and 2 dresses. I am so happy with them, sigh, I love shopping.
I am literally making the same face in both pictures, I am laughing so hard right now. I literally feel like I have just woken up from a coma or something.
// jacket - thrifted // shirt - thrifted // skirt - cotton on // tights - my sister // jujus - aa // pin - homemade //
CRAPPY PICTURE, BUT YES. YES. I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN MY IPHONE 5S. I am so happy, my parents didn't even tell me we were going to get it so, when we arrived at the store I was just like whaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?! Sigh, I love life. I FINALLY GET TO USE MY ONE DIRECTION CASE. 
They look so cute, I might be tearing up. This case is very important. Like I said, this past weekend was very One Direction crazed and well, I got some new One Direction gear, ahahahhaha. OH WAIT. THEIR NEW ALBUM CAME OUT TODAY. You guys. It is my favorite album and it makes me so happy oh my gosh. Go out and buy it, you seriously WILL NOT regret it. I know I only say that because I'm in love with them, but this album is very different and so great, I'm being honest here. I also made a homemade pin with my sister yesterday and I put all five of them on it and it came very cuteeeee!!! (Yes, those are One Direction sticky notes and yes I put mustaches on the first page.) (Oh man, Harry is a beautiful human being.)

Question: Where is one place you have ALWAYS wanted to go and why?

This is a very simple, but can be expanded question. I would originally say the United Kingdom, but lately some places in America look so gorgeous. For example, Utah, Oregon, Washington, etc. I reaaaaaally love mountains and nature places with a perfect view. It just makes me feel carefree and like I have all the time in the world or something, I don't know. Cliffs make my legs shake, but I love staring down. It seems like it goes down forever and ever. Or looking at the mountains where there are miles and miles of them and it seems like the rest of the world is filled with only mountains? We're supposed to go to Utah this New Years, but I am not sure if we're still going, but I hope so.

Karl Lo: The place I would love to visit would be Florida. Why you may ask, is because there is a nude beach there in which you don't wear anything. This must sound creepy, but I'm approaching more of it on the practical side in which you are not judged physically, you can literally be confident in your skin! If only you let yourself be! Honestly I think flaws are big deal to me because I have dealt with them my whole life and it's really tough, but yeah and on the other part I would like to go to Universal Studios there!

Crustianne: The one place I've always wanted to go is Paris. I know what you're thinking,"everybody wants to go to Paris," but I've always dreamed of going there, I've even wrote a short story about Paris when I was 9. The fashion, scenery, and food is just all perfect. I've always imagined myself drinking coffee (I don't even drink coffee) at a cafe and reading a somewhat intellectual book wearing a trés chic outfit. I hope my experience in Paris (whenever that is) will be like the movie Forget Paris, just without the death. The thought of Paris is so nostalgic because of my memories of planning and dreaming about going to the city of lights. Someday I'll go and meet my French husband.
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