Alright, well I am finally going to share some of my cute disposables that I have taken over the past few weeks. They vary between different events and each was a veeerrryyyy fun time. Some are from my last days as a high school student, so we shall drift back to those days, and others are from my summer fun-ness.
These three are from grad night!!! Okay, so, you might not believe it, but our grad night is actually at our school...I know, that seems totally lame and stuuufff. All of you probably go to Disneyland or Six Flags, which seems so much more fun, but our grad night is actually pretty cool! There was rock climbing, tattoos, this laser tag thing, a fighting ring, different kinds of photobooths, we were able to make a music video, karaoke (we did High School Musical of course), dancing, casino games, and giveaways. It was really nice to just hang out and ~*~*~chill~*~*~ with friends!!!!
Of course I got a "mom" tattoo. It was quite hardcore of me.
[ABOVE] This was taken on our last day of school. I don't know if I mentioned it on my blog, but I did make buttons for my coolest friends at school that had funny pictures of them on it. It was a last minute goodbye present, hahahha. You can't really see them here, but aren't my friends the cutest?!?!?
Now these two are from prooooommmm!!!! The top picture is my favorite picture of me eeevveeeer, hahahaha. I look totally bored, but I wasn't don't worry, it's just a funny picture, hahahha. (more pictures here).
Some of my friends walking down stairs, looking like they're coming down to stomp on everyone else's outfits. Julian, the one in the red, frickin' taking everyone's spotlight, hahahahha.
The top one is from a summer day where us three just went "skating" hahahha. I put it in quotations because we're still trying to learn and the blonde one fell that day. It was quuuuiiiite hilarious.
And this one ^^^^ is from Julissa's (right) birthday sleepovaaaaa. The decorations were so very cute I wish I took more pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera :-( She is now part of the eighteen clan.
This is Clementine. One of my most prized possessions. I was playing Twin Peaks' 7 inch vinyl. My vinyls are my children honestly. 
Annnnnd this is one from their concert (more info here). I tried taking pictures, but I was being pushed around and couldn't quite choose what angle I wanted this to be at, hahahaha. I think it's a pretty cool picture of ya ask me.
These last two are from our school trip to Knott's Berry Farm. It was pretty fun hanging out with a few friends for a last time as a whole!!! I hadn't been to Knott's in a while so it was a lot fun!!! 
I think these all came out suuuupaaaaah cute!!!! But disposables are way too expensive. You first have to buy the actual camera, which costs like $6-$7 and then you also have to pay to get them developed, which costs $10!!!!! Almost $20 for pictures you can now take on your phone and print them out yourself?!?!?!?! (I probably will still buy more in the future because I'm too lazy to print them out myself AND using a phone to take pictures isn't as exciting as using a disposable.) Well, there ya have it!!! 
Hm...I feel like I'm missing something on this post..of course: A RANT. Hahahah, I love posting pictures, but I feel like that isn't enough and my posts need me ranting on about the world and stuff, so here we go: July 4th. Fourth of July. Independence Day. A shit ton of fireworks exploding Day. Loving the United States Day. Not a big fan of it. Alright, the United States is an amazing place compared to other countries. We're able to be who we are without being punished unlike other places and I am so grateful to be able to live like that, BUT this country is also very screwed up. I'm not very proud to be an American, especially these days because of all the corruption that's been surfacing. I think it's important to realize that. Of course we should all be happy being able to live in freedom, but there's a lot to consider..are we really free? We are controlled by a system that is VERY corrupted. We have fast foods on every corner of the street making us feel like crap most of the time, which isn't a good sign, but they keep increasing the supply. We have a society that kills people for being who they are. There's a lot of negative aspects in the United States that we shouldn't ignore, even for a day. Yay for freedom, but this country doesn't deserve to be celebrated with all this crap that MORE THAN HALF of the population don't know about? Again, living in freedom is such a privilege, but there's a still A LOT of misconduct that needs to be realized and fixed. =^^=
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